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Excalibur Price Trigger for GOLD


One of the lessons we’ve drawn from our decades of research in price charts and markets is the lesson of repetitive opportunities. A good market trend presents not just one, but, many good points to join in on the trend direction.

You’ve seen many examples of it on this website as we’ve presented many examples of price trigger points during a strong market directional price move.

gold4The Gold market has been a good example.

This trend has gone on and downwards for 3-years now.

Over and over we used a single tool to help locate optimal price points where prices were expected to break down.

The Excalibur Method detected numerous wonderful points to enter the decline in Gold and today was another example of the results of putting the Excalibur Method to work in a single market.

As shown on the chart above, a trigger price was detected last Friday.

This was the signal that Gold was expected to drop even further. Well, the Gold market decline followed through with an impressive drop of over $25 at one point today. This even with the delay of a holiday on Monday!

Yet another impressive indication that, at least one method of market analysis, actually works and does so again and again.

This will not be the last time we’ll see such impressive opportunities in this market. I’d encourage you to investigate the methodology behind these trigger points. Investigate the Excalibur Method for yourself. – George