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‘Fake News’ and the Financial Media

You ALWAYS Have to Check the Facts! 

BANKS: While the masses were busy wringing their hands in fear going into the Election due to the regular and financial media stories, Bank Stocks as a group started to move upwards, in essence, they already cast their vote in favor of increased prosperity. However, no one else even noticed.

If you possessed one of our outstanding technical analysis tools (like 'The Excalibur Trading Method' as just one example), and, you routinely surveyed charts of the major Industry Groups, you'd have been tipped off at the very beginning of this very profitable upwards industry trend.

Folks are just now discovering that the mainstream media has been lying for decades now by manufacturing and promoting 'fake news' narratives and fear.

Well, the Financial Media publications, television and news outlets have been conducting this same 'fake news' (agenda-driven propaganda) approach to sway investors away from profitable positioning. for just as long.

Fewer have awoken from this illusion than have about the mainstream news media of late, but, as the true trends of the markets assert themselves (in spite of the news stories to the contrary), more will certainly awaken in the weeks and months ahead.

Hopefully, it won't be from the shock of the unexpected.

You need to learn the True Trends, Price Turns and the Universal Forces at work in every Global Market.

This is that time of year when it's good to review the real trends at work in our World. We'll be examining some others in the weeks ahead. Stay tuned . . .

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