It’s A Great Time To Be An Investor & Trader!

No Better Time. No Better Markets! 

Our Unique Trading Methods Continue To Locate Profit Opportunities in a Wide Range of Markets.

A recent example is the GOLD market shown on the price chart above. At an unexpected price point, the Excalibur (and our other) Trading Method(s) triggered a SELL signal.

HisWithin just 11-trading days, a single hypothetical futures contract could have gained over $8,000. A handsome and swiftly made profit indeed. Those trading 5 and 10 lots would have enjoyed $40,000 and $80,000 for the same price movement.

And, this wasn't just a one-shot trading opportunity either.

While the masses were busy watching Crude Oil prices, the Natural Gas Market rocketed upwards from it's low base and provided an exceptional, hypothetical profit as large as $5,000 per contract; $25,000 per 5-lot and $50,000 per 10-liat trade. This all occurred within just 10-trading days!

If you've been following us on this website or through the e-mail updates for a while, you already know the incredible accuracy of the calls made using these unique methods and market technology.

This is that time of year when one reflects on the year ahead and makes resolutions to better their Game. This is your opportunity to do exactly that.

In that spirit, I'm offering something new; an end-of-the-year Course Special for those who would take action to have an exceptional NEW TRADING YEAR.

FIRST: I'm offering just two fortunate traders our Master Course Special Collection for a substantial saving of over 25% off the normal Course fees.This Collection will include ALL the currently in-print courses and techniques and, is a special end-of-the-year offer.

SECOND: Any purchaser of our Excalibur and Stairway Trading Methods Package before the end of December 2016 will also receive a special Gift from the Master Course valued at over $2600. This will be an additional, deeply researched  technique(s) which will enhance your trading skills in the Markets.

THIRD: I have a first-edition copy of The Trader's Moon Lunar Trading Method that's still available. Write me if seriously interested.

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