The Road to Trading Independence . . .

For some time now, and to only a few, I’ve been offering a road map to Independence and Freedom trading the markets. Independence & Freedom can only come from profound KNOWLEDGE.

Take a look and listen to the new Video shown above. This will have deep meaning to a few of you; those select few who are seeking MORE from Life and Trading.

During this time of awakening, many eyes are being opened to the true structure of the world (including that of finance and investments) and, now, you can become one of them.

Most long-time visitors to our website know that they are witnessing something extraordinary at work over the weeks and months when they seek pivotal and profitable price turns in trend announced early, often and for every kind of market imaginable.

The Truth is that trading successfully is a process of raising one’s Consciousness; one’s Awareness of the World within which they are playing the trading ‘Game’.

Those fortunate few who have reached out to take our Courses; those brave Souls who have chosen to take the risk to learn the inner workings and secrets of the markets and their price movements continue to earn their ample Rewards. They were willing to 'pay the price' for their Success.

Courage requires Correct Actions and Correct Actions Yield Great Rewards.

By taking either one of our exclusive, stand-alone trading Courses (The ‘Stairway’ or ‘The Excalibur Trading Method’ or others) or, even more fortunately, 'The Master Course' (which we offer to just a few clients each year); you'll be learning what the Market itself defines as 'Correct Action' and, thereby, put yourself in line for the subsequent 'Great Rewards'.

Have a Great New Year!

George R. Harrison -