India Nifty 50 Near Pivot Point

      The Nifty 50 Trend Begins To Weaken

      This Market Has Been Weakening & Bears Watching.

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By George R. Harrison

Major Market Trends (like that seen in the Nifty 50) need to take a 'breather'; a pause to regain it's momentum before continuing onwards.

The Nifty 50 has had a spectacular run thus far and has only in the last few weeks begun to show a definite weakening. This is largely invisible to others, but, when applying 'The Excalibur Trading Method' for market analysis (as we've done for years now successfully), we can clearly detect a slowing in price momentum is already taking place. Are you one of the select few who can see it?

If you're already a student of one of our unique and proprietary trading methods, you certainly are able to see what's happening and are taking preparations accordingly. This while most others see nothing at all unusual happening. Referring to the chart above, we can see that the shift to the downside has not taken place as yet (as of the time of securing this chart for analysis). So, there's time to prepare.

The lower red horizontal line at the 9,000 price level is the price point to watch for a definitive shift in trend to the downside. We're not there as yet, but, the close proximity of this price point combined with the weakening of market price momentum means that we should be watching closely and not be surprised should this price point be penetrated by a Closing price or a bar whose range is completely below the 9,000 price point.

While 'Excalibur' picks amazing reversal price points, it also does something else of equal importance . . .

'Excalibur' can also target highly probable price objectives (tops and bottoms) as well!

In our chart above, we've done just that by showing that, if enough energy is recovered, prices will rise up to 9,400 on their next upsurge. Here again, this assumes that the 9,000 price point is not broken first.

The chart displayed is an example of what can be done once one has learned one of the unique tools offered on this website, If you're interested in acquiring a licensed copy of Excalibur or one of my other courses for your own use, send me an e-mail - George

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