The Slide Begins . . .

      The Weakest Markets Are First To The Exits

      The FTSE-100 Was Triggered First To Sell-off

This is one of the Earliest Markets to Indicate A Potential Global Sell-off in Stocks

By George R. Harrison

Turning our attention now to The British Stock Market we find that we've been given early warning of a weakening and collapse in prices. The Excalibur Method saw the first indicator of this almost a month ago as shown on the above chart by the red oval.

When this sort of activity occurs in more than one overseas market, then it's time to closely watch the strength of the US Stock Market as well. We'll examine the US Market in the next post. Stay tuned!

While 'Excalibur' picks amazing reversal price points, it also does something else of equal importance . . .

'Excalibur' can also target highly probable price objectives (tops and bottoms) as well!

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