The S&P 500 Uptrend Weakens . . .

      US Stock Market Momentum is Faltering

      Is This A Pause, Or a Turn In Trend?

This Market Is Starting To Look Like Other International Sell-offs in Stocks

By George R. Harrison

We now turn our gaze towards the US Stock Market as represented by the S&P 500 Index.

What we find is a reflection of what has already happened in some of the international stock markets; a slowdown in price trend momentum is taking place in the US Stock Market just as it has in the British Stock Market which we noted in our earlier post this week.

What's been noted using our techniques is that there is less strength on the upswings and weaker support on the pull-backs in price according to analysis using The Excalibur Method.

'Excalibur' indicates that we need to be aware of any closes below 2300 in the S&P 500 as indicating a very high probability of lower prices and a shift in price trend lasting months.

The chart displayed shows the price point to watch (the red horizontal price line at 2300).

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