Inflation Hits Home: The US Dollar’s Value is in Decline


In Light of the Chart Showing the Hyper-Growth of the Money Supply . . . A Devaluing Dollar Had To Happen!

I called your attention in our last post to the fact that Commodity prices were at Historic low levels; and, that the US Government via the Federal Reserve has vastly expanded the money supply and flooded the Earth with US Dollars.

Below is another chart displaying the historic extent to which this occurred unknown to the general public. These two charts are related inversely.

By that I mean that as the Money Supply goes up dramatically, the Value of the US Dollar must compensate by decreasing. And, that's just what we see in the top chart; a continuing downward trend in the US Dollar's value.

I had suspected that there was a chance for a recovery from the dollar's downtrend post the Election, but, alas, the Market has proven that that is not to be the case.

The Declining US Dollar has some positive aspects relative to the US Economy however, as it keeps exporting costs low and more competitive.

The thing we need to keep in mind is the 'big picture' as displayed in this and the previous posts.

In short, we now have a 'reason' to explain the declining dollar, the rising commodity markets, the 'reason' why Bitcoin will keep going higher, as well as the rising Stock Market.

Kind of nice having a bedrock 'reason' or 'model' to explain what we're seeing out there isn't it?

There are a lot of changes afoot in the World beyond just the world of politics and medicine!

Having a sense of where we're heading and a bit of the 'why' as well goes a long way towards  alleviating the fear component which is so common among folks today.

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