COPPER: A Market That’s Growing Faster Than Inflation . . .

COPPER: 'The poor man's gold'. Highly affordable, storable in cash form and growing in value while so many other commodities are losing the inflation fight at present.

The chart above shows an impressive growth in price for Copper, and, that growth is actually greater than the growth of the US Dollar relative to Gold. This is the hidden secret index to really understand whether a currency is going up or down.

Most price charts for currencies are almost political statements that aren't really showing the big picture. I'll explore this in the days ahead and show what's really happening with examples (and charts), you won't see elsewhere.

The Dollar is going down so fast relative to the price of Copper that one would have to be crazy not to convert Dollars into Copper and spare oneself the damage while waiting and profiting from the shift in assets.

How bad does this look in chart form? Take a gander . . .

Clearly, owning Copper is presently a safe refuge from a declining US Dollar!

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