COPPER: Use a Stock Etf to Trade the Commodity

Trade Commodities Using Stocks

The high cost of futures contracts these days could act to hold one back from investing in the important commodity price trends that are due or are under way right now.

Fortunately, we're now able to participate in following the commodity price trends by using a different instrument called a ETF or stock which can represent the actual commodity or index based on the  commodity.

The Advantage? Much lower cost of entry and the ability to stay in that market as one owns shares in the etf, therefore, there's no margin or expiration date as with futures for example.

I'm showing this for the commodity most recently mentioned in our post: COPPER.

Copper is climbing higher in price and that rise is well reflected in the etf 'CPER'; the etf for Copper.

There are etfs for most major commodities, so, these should remain in your quiver of strategies for  the future when the major trends present themselves.

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