TRADER’S MOON: Let The Moon Be Your Trading Guide!

Raise Your Trading To A Level Literally 'Out of this World'!

One of the comforts of 'getting back to Nature' is the amount of man-made stress you can lay aside.

Deep within W.D. Gann's work, lay his Astrology charts and references.

However, Gann himself considered 'normal' astrological techniques to be obscure, archaic and a remnant of a set of fundamental Laws that were 'lost' over the centuries.

Gann's statements and his private papers strongly indicated that he had re-discovered the basic Laws that had been lost to most astrologers over the centuries

Extensive research into Gann's total approach to trading plus his comments and papers on astrology led to a fundamental Astronomical trading approach totally in keeping with W.D. Gann's other work.

The title for this publication set is: 'Trader's Moon'

History is the true test and, Gann advocated gathering a good historical collection of past data to use as a reference. I did exactly that relative to the Astronomical aspects of tracking our trading approach relative to the Moon's aspects.

I spent a good deal of time and resources to do so, so that you wouldn't have to, and, I'm proud to say that I include 2-Reference Volumes with each Trader's Moon Course Set.

I obtained data going all the way back to the Year 1792, (just prior to the US Stock Market's opening) and, extending into the future to the Year 2100.


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