Intra-Day Exit Using ‘Stairway’ Trading Method

The 'Stairway Trading Method' Shows An Intraday Exit Point for The S&P 500 Market 

An Intraday 'Stairway Trading Point'

By George R. Harrison

When trading intraday, one needs to keep constant vigilance, have a reliable trading method in our 'holster' and be willing to draw and pull the trigger at just the right moment. The 'Stairway Trading Method' is shown in today's chart. Today's price action offered an excellent showcase for how this particular method can track the sudden shift in a market's price action.

And, yes, the same method is following this market down at the moment with a Stop set around 2352 at the moment this chart was captured.

Stairway follows markets both up and down. Intra-day, Daily or at longer time frames for major trends (where it shines brilliantly!)

Those who have read my articles and posts over these many years know that intraday trading is not my personal choice any more. I've spent plenty of time trading intraday when co-managing a hedge fund (one of my previous 'hats'). I prefer a more sedate pace for market action these days.

That just comes with age, but, there are plenty of you readers and clients out there who still have the youthful energy and drive to attempt to squeeze out profits on a daily basis. This chart is for those of you who fit that description, but, who don't have a method to apply to the 'madness' called day-trading yet. lol.

The 'Stairway Trading Method' is one of the methods that can be applied to intraday trading quite precisely (see the chart above for example). I'm offering it to you today.

If you'd like to own and learn the 'Stairway' Trading Course for yourself, please send me an e-mail requesting additional details and pricing. - George