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Intraday 'Stairway Trading Point' For GOLD

By George R. Harrison

More readers have been expressing interest in the day trading applications of my trading methods. I'll present to you now what I'll call The Day Trading Method Collection'. 

Today's volatile markets offer endless opportunities for short-term traders, but, one has to have some pretty special tools to detect the fast-moving turns in price that are now a normal part of day trading and the markets as we find them. The GOLD market intraday is shown in the above chart and the BUY point for GOLD using 'The Stairway Trading Method' for our market analysis is indicated by the red circle.

'The Stairway Trading Method' follows markets both up and down. Intra-day, Daily or at longer time frames for major trends (where it shines brilliantly!). This BUY was given early enough to catch a big rise in prices over the next hour and a new stop is still in place as this method indicates that there is still strong momentum locked up within the market which may go still higher.

 'The Exponential Timing Method:

The next trading technique I'll showcase here is from another technique developed some years back which has the ability to follow fast moving markets very closely with a stop or reversal point. It's called 'The Exponential Timing Method' and it's results are exactly that . . . Exponential.


These are some of the methods that can be applied to intraday trading quite precisely (see the chart above for example). I'm offering it to you today.

I offer a special Collection price for these methods and three additional ones (contained within The 'Intraday Trading Secrets' Course), please send me an e-mail requesting additional details and pricing. - George