LUMBER: Nailing The Market Turn!

​Commodity Markets have been ignored for some time now due to the severe Bear Market they've been in since 2012. However, every dog has it's day, and, so do neglected commodity markets!

A crucial component of the Economy is the LUMBER Market. Housing has always been the bedrock upon which Real Estate Wealth has been built (pardon the pun).

​​Late ​last year we found that our 'Early Warning' Trading Method called  'Fibonacci Trends' gave a surprising signal to BUY the almost forgotten LUMBER Market.

​​​You can view on the chart above, just when this signal was given to BUY using this method.

​'Fibonacci Trends', as I've written, gives EARLY warnings of important changes in Trend.

​​The 'Excalibur' Trading Method (also an excellent detector of important trend changes gave a SUPPORTING CONFIRMATION TO BUY, but, a bit later, and implied that something important was happening to the LUMBER Market. Those Signals Were Correct! A strong Rally has followed.

​You can view the BUY point using the Excalibur Trading Method on the chart just below.

As with all the major commodities these days, this market can also be traded using an ETF like those with the stock symbols of 'CUT' and 'WOOD'.

​Observe on the charts for these ETFs (based on Lumber)​ below just how well they too are trending at present.

Isn't it time you considered acquiring powerful timing skills like these ​to help you to achieve your trading goals? 

If you seek to change your Economic Future, you ​need tools that help PREDICT FUTURE TRENDS

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