"How To Be A Top Trading Analyst Using . . . 

(A Multi-Part Article Series)

​By G.R. Harrison

Modern Markets + WD Gann's Lost Secrets + Our Original Discoveries!

The 'Master Trading Analyst' Processes These Factors: 

  • Part I: Using The Right Price Charts. Methods need to be Matched to the Proper Trading Principles.
  • Part 2: Is Adapted to The Modern 24/7 Markets: Extended Hours Alter Market Cycles
  • Part 3: Using the 'Lost Secret' Principles That Continue to Work in All Markets (at All Times).
  • ​Part 4: Uses Our Proprietary, Unique, Accurate, Original & Easy-to-Apply Trading Techniques
  • ​Part 5: Uses the above Techniques to Determine: Market Trends (Up, Down or Sideways)
  • Part 6: Determines Entry Prices LONG OR SHORT. Not Every Price Level is Equal to All Others.
  • ​Part 7: ​Locates Ideal STOP price levels. It's Important to Follow a TREND & Adjust STOPS.
  • ​Part 8: ​Assesses Price Objectives to a Trade. This is Very Useful as a Target of Destination.
  • ​Part 9: ​​Determines Expected Support & Resistance Price Points. These Natural Levels Work.
  • ​Part 10: Determines the Price Volatility & Swing Parameter ​Probabilities for a Trade.
  • ​Part 11: Selects The Asset Class to Follow (Stocks, Gold, Treasuries, Cash, etc.), that has The Greatest Gain Potential.

​Part 4: Using ​Proprietary, 'Unknown' Trading Methods

Everyone cannot become rich using the same timing and processes. This is just the 'facts-of-Life'. It isn't personal, it's just how this reality matrix is  constructed. ​

Also, keep in mind that the 'norm' is set for failure, not success. In order to rise above the masses of investor's results (usually small to negative returns), one must adhere to a different standard of both trading methods and personal expectations.

​We've developed, over the last 50-years, a series of exclusive, unique and proprietorially protected trading methods. These methods are all based on lasting mathematical principles that won't change with the economic 'weather'. In short, they worked in W.D. Gann's day and, they'll work in our times too.

​Privacy Is A Right, Not A Privilege . . .

. . .​and, as a Natural Right, Privacy needs to be protected from the predators that roam around in every field. I'm speaking here of the human predators that seek to gain the ultimate advantage over other, average players in the Game.

​A trader's Privacy is stolen or relinquished in subtle ways. One of those unsuspected pathways is through the use of 'trading tools' that are offered to the public through Brokers and Charting Software Companies.

​Because it's difficult for the average trader to ignore something offered for 'free' (as these trading tools are on charting programs),then, before one is aware of it, almost all traders end up using the same generally popular 'tools'. So doing, they individually become a massive block of predictable traders with their positions known for every market traded by those with the software to run ALL the popular trading method indicators and which reveal just where the masses of traders have located not only their entries will be made into the markets but, also where their protective stops will be located as well.

I have seen the software displays of this information which is detailed down to the id's of the individual traders, their position size, past history, stops etc.. Now, do you really want to use 'Public' software tools knowing this fact?? There's a  better way to distance yourself from severe disadvantage.


The '​Privacy Edge'

Our hard-won and long-researched techniques and educational materials are PRIVATE. They are NOT for the crowd of average investors. This is intentional on our part. None of our valuable information  is intended for the 'Public'. ​The 'public' is too loose-lipped, unreliable and tends to travel in large groups who all become WRONG and lose together because 'misery loves company'.

We set out to stand apart, so, Instead, our specialized courses and techniques are reserved for those special few who both understand that what's 'common knowledge' can never lead to Exceptional Results and, who also know that such rare information should be highly VALUED because it IS highly Valuable.

​​These Unique and Proprietary Set of publications comprise what I call the 'Entry' Level of skills that go into making one a Master Trading Analyst.

​One may start with this Set and catapult oneself to a much higher level of trading analysis and skill.

​For those who wish to complete the Journey, you may move up to the following set of our Original Discoveries and Trading Techniques shown in the picture below.

​This is our Master Level of Analysis . . .

The Excalibur Method cover graphic

The 'Master Analyst' Level Selection Course Set

These courses are added in addition to the 'Entry Level' Courses and comprise the Complete 'Master Trading Analyst' Program.

These courses provide the additional skills of providing extremely accurate and early timing signals to Buy or Sell, How to Master Sideways Markets, How to Master Price Structure to reveal shifts in price momentum, How to Master Volatility Trading and Find the Balance Point for ongoing trades.

Together, these two Sets provide a One-Of-A-Kind Solution to all the Questions and Skill Requirements mentioned in this continuing set of Articles (and, listed at the top of this post).

T​his is the only place where this unique and proprietary information may be found and purchased.

​They are strictly limited in number per month and, per country/region. For Price & Avaiability, please Contact: george@wdgann-lost-secrets.com .

Coming Next: Part 5:​Techniques To Determine Market Trends

NOTE: ​Join our very Select Members. Those few who have access to the most exclusive trading methods on the Planet today. No need to worry about competition ever again. Our Trading Methods are offered PRIVATELY ONLY and are Proprietary in Content. A Strict NDA must be signed before purchase.​ Join our proud, satisfied and select group of successful traders. Those who have purchased access to the best trading technology to surface in over 50-years (since the days of W.D. Gann himself), and, soundly based on mathematical and geometrical truths which won't change with markets, economic conditions or fads.

Contact: George@wdgann-lost-secrets.com ​​​​today for availability and price​.