​Using Our Most Recent Trading Method Treasure

​'The Cross-Hairs' Timing Effect

​By G.R. Harrison

​Easy-To-Learn + ​Fast To Apply To Charts + ​Extremely Accurate!

​Based On A Principle Discovered in W.D. Gann's Writings

​Buried deep within Gann's writings, was a hint a 'clue' of something much greater than the few sentences given to it's mention in his work.

To find something buried deep, one needs to dig deeply.

​Once the concept was discovered, confirmed by testing and theory as sound (and lasting), a simple template was created to enable ANY trader to apply this Principle to the market of their choice and interest in printed or online format. This template can be applied speedily and accurately once the Rules of the Principle have been learned from this powerful manual.

​​In keeping with it's Tremendous Value . . . this Course is PRIVATE and FOR SERIOUS TRADERS EYES ONLY.

The '​Privacy Edge'

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We set out to stand apart, so, Instead, our specialized courses and techniques are reserved for those special few who both understand that what's 'common knowledge' can never lead to Exceptional Results and, who also know that such rare information should be highly VALUED because it IS highly Valuable.

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​You may purchase the 'Cross-Hairs Timing Effect' Course by itself. It doesn't need any other software or methods to make it work. It can stand alone and perform excellently as perhaps the simplest and most effective trading technique I've presented.

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