"How To Be A Top Trading Analyst Using . . . 

(A Multi-Part Article Series)

​By G.R. Harrison

Modern Markets + WD Gann's Lost Secrets + Our Original Discoveries!

The 'Master Trading Analyst' Factors: 

​Part 5: ​Determine Market Trends

​Which way is the market headed​That's the eternal question when it comes to trading and, many attempts have been made to determine the answer over the many decades past.​​​

​But, for reasons mentioned in our last post about too many traders using the same technques, many traders get this most fundamental of trading factors wrong.

​We've developed, over the last 50-years, a series of exclusive, unique and proprietorially protected trading methods that are exceptional at detecting the slightest changes in price trend. These methods are all based on lasting mathematical principles that won't change with the economic 'weather'. In short, they worked in W.D. Gann's day and, they'll work in our times too. They work at intraday levels and longer-time periods because they are based on universal principles.

​You Have Several Choices For Excellent Price Trend​ Predictions

​For those taking advantage of the short-term market fluctuations in the 24-hour markets like Forex, Gold, Crude Oil and Stock Indexes, you can't do better than having a set of Trading Methods like our new 'Cross-Hairs Timing Effect Technique, The Fibonacci Trends Trading Method, the Levitas Trading Principle, Excalibur II: Mastering Sideways Markets or The Exponential Trading Method.

​​You must master the Art of Price Trends ​if you wish for long-term Success.​​​

​​Start with one or several of the courses listed above and quickly catapult yourself to a much higher level of trading analysis, skill and profitability.

The Excalibur Method cover graphic

The 'Master Analyst' Level Selection Course Set

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Coming Next: Part 6:​​Entering Long or Short Trades

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