Mighty Oak Trees From Little Acorns Grow!

​Never Overlook The Percentage Power Of Growth . . .

​Behold . . .

​​Nature & Markets Will Always Offer Opportunity For Growth

The examples shown below are for a major stock APPLE COMPUTER (symbol: AAPL), but, what you see is a sample of the type of activity that occurs everywhere in the Markets.

​Timing is required, but, the Growth potential for proper timing is simply incredible. The growth rates from proper timing of trades in markets at the early stages of their growth & shown below are typical . . .

It turns out that the growth surge for APPLE (AAPL), was only an early surge, which then recoiled back to gather strength for the next stage of growth-to-come.

​​Sometimes the Later Growth Periods Are Even Greater!

​Below, we view an example of this with prices going from a low of $1 up to as much as $100 on this next growth surge!

The ​Bottom Line is that, even during tumultuous times like today's, there will always be growth opportunities somewhere. You just need a great, no, an exceptional tool to detect what others are missing right in front of their faces.

​Declines must always eventually be counter-balanced by gains.

I developed a very effective Course to help you to detect these balancing growth movements.​

​This Course is called: 'The Levitas Principleand, it will help you to ​identify and capture these wonderful periods of extreme growth in price which translate directly into fabulous profit growth opportunities as well.

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Want to catch Growth Surges like those shown above for APPLE?​​​​​​

Want to catch Growth Surges like those shown above for APPLE? Then, may I suggest using the 'Levitas' Principle to pinpoint the beginnings and endings of these magnificent growth periods.

​You can even take profit advantage of the decline in prices that take place between consecutive growth surges!

You won't trade as often of course, because, frankly, one shouldn't be trading all the time anyways. That's the arena and home of the market makers who have far more tools and advantages to work with than average traders can or will.

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