Market Optimism Raises It’s Head

​T​he ​​Markets Themselves Are Showing Clues

​Special Chart

                  Fear & Optimism Have Their Own Cycles &, We're Presently in an Optimism Uptrend

​The Worst Was Over Back In March

​​​Ever since March 16th, 'Optimism' or 'Courage' has been gradually making it's way back into the markets again.

​Stock Market Movement Has Reflected This With Strong Upwards Moves

​​This special index is just another way to confirm what our technical indicators have shown: A Strong Upwards Trend has returned for stocks.

​Trends Require 'Optimism' and 'Courage' to Sustain Themselves.

The Psychology of the Public is an important factor that underlies all major market trends. It would be impossible to make new highs in the markets unless a revived optimism was restored to the markets.

The Public must feel confident that their investments are 'secure' (a relative term) at least, relative to other investment instruments, before they'll part with their cash to invest.

This underlying Confidence will be noticed by the Market Maker Insiders as well, so, it's important to know at what price levels they are waiting to ambush amateur or unskilled traders without a clue.

I developed a very effective Course to help defend oneself from these market maker antics (which are just 'normal' behavior for these guys). This Course is called: 'The Levitas Principleand, it will help you to avoid most of the price 'traps' that are set for retail traders.

​You won't trade as often, because, frankly, one shouldn't be trading all the time anyways. That's the arena and home of the market makers who have far more tools and advantages to work with than average traders can or will.

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