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​T​he ​GOLD Market Is Hot, With Lots of Trading Signals!

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                  The​ 1-Minute Chart Gave a Distinctive Signal to SELL early in the move.

​​Here's A ​Different 5-Minute Chart GOLD Trade Signal!

​​Take a look at the GOLD Market for yourself. You'll pinch yourself for not looking at this market earlier on.

​Bottom Line: The Crazier the times, the more the potential profit.

​Let the price charts be your guide, but, stay mindful of the volatility factor which is where market makers are clipping amateur traders out of their positions by popping their Stops.

​An Excellent Remedy To Defend Yourself From These Market Makers . . .

​I developed a very effective Course to help defend oneself from these market maker antics (which are just 'normal' behavior for these guys). This Course is called: 'The Levitas Principleand, it will help you to avoid most of the price 'traps' that are set for retail traders.

​You won't trade as often, because, frankly, one shouldn't be trading all the time anyways. That's the arena and home of the market makers who have far more tools and advantages to work with than average traders can or will.

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