Where Are We Today On The ‘Panic Index’?

​T​he Truth Is, We're Well Past The 'Max Panic Point'!

​Observe How The Volatility Has Dropped . . .

                  The 'Panic Index' has peaked and been slipping ever downwards since Mid-March.

​The Chart Shows That The Worst Days Are Behind Us!

​Sure, things could heat up again, however, take a silent survey of how the people you know are reacting.

​Are they more panicky . . . or less?

​Let that and the VIX Index be a guide for you so that you don't fall for the media hype and, also, most importantly, use the Historical Price Charts to track the Weekly and Daily Trends so that any reversals may be detected should they occur along the way.

Once Again, Remember, . . . We're On Your Side During These Times.

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