Stocks: What Others Are Missing

​Too Much Panic & Too Little Examination of the FACTS!

​High Tech Stocks: The Strongest Market

                  The NASDAQ 100 pulled back the least of the most popular indexes.

​Compared to Other World Markets, the Nasdaq 100 is the Strongest!

​These Major Non-US Markets Had Much Larger Drops . . .

                  The NASDAQ 100 pulled back the least of the most popular indexes.

​The Offshore Stock Indexes Are Weaker Than the US Index.

​The Truth is Plain for those willing to Investigate Market History

The Nikkei 225 drew down near it's 2016 Lows, while, The Euro Stoxx 50 and the DAX Stock Indexes, ALL had their prices pull down BELOW both the 2018 AND the 2016 Lows. Translation? These Indexes are weaker than the Nasdaq index.

In point of fact, even the DJIA & S&P 500 are weaker than the NASDAQ 100 as shown by the latest pull-back in prices. Note that both of these markets took out their 2018 Lows, while the Nasdaq 100 Index did not. This displays fundamental Market Strength or, certainly willing market Buyers!

CONCLUSION: These Markets are all inherently WEAKER than the US High Tech NASDAQ 100 Stock Index. Look for Strength in the High Tech Sector.

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