Missing The Forest For All The Trees . . .

From: George R. Harrison; St. Croix, US Virgin Islands, July 22, 2017

The Best 'Conventional' Single-Year Investment Return in the last 17-Years Has Been 79% . . .

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  Today, There Are Invisible Markets Making Much, Much More!

There is a fundamental SHIFT taking place in the Investment Arena which a few are already getting rich from, but, which the vast majority are blissfully unaware of!

That Shift is the one from Public Investment Markets back to Private Investment Markets.

This has been going on massively in the Stock Market with more and more shares being bought back by companies including some companies leaving the public market arena and going Private again. But, this is just one area of the Investment World.

There are many others where private individuals are cumulatively investing Billions of Dollars into innovative products and paradigm-shifting ideas that are almost totally unknown to the public investor.

It's always risky presenting TRUTH to my new readers as the new viewers aren't likely to understand just what is being said and haven't been exposed to the successful & phenomenal prediction results presented on this website over the last 5-years plus.

My long-time readers/clients/students have become more open-minded and have learned to respond to 'what's actually happening' and to set aside their emotions. This is a Winning Formula for Greatness.

The Cryptocurrencies have accumulated over 100-Billion Dollars in private investments through ICO's (Initial Coin Offerings) as well as through trading, and, there's a massive shift into them taking place at the grassroots level.

If  I related to you the investment gains from these markets over the last 6-months to 1-year, you'd be astounded and be left in shock!

Eventually, THIS will be THE mainstream investment. Bloomberg, Fortune and Forbes write of it. Microsoft has invested in it's future.

Don't be the last one to find out about this pioneering marketplace!

A recent article had this to say: "The public has never been able to put their money directly into a technology that has so much potential but is still developing."

It already IS where the greatest gains on the Planet are being made day-by-day.

Let The Shock Begin . . .

Just look at the selection of the top 15 Crypto-pairs on the table to the left.

The left column has the 24-hour gains!

1515% gains over yesterday! Outrageous, yet, the next highest gain is 846%, followed by 467%, etc., etc.!

Let's step back a week and see what gains take place over that time period in these markets.

These are listed in the middle column where we find 1669% as the high of these 15 pairs and a low over the last 7-days of 17%, Excellent.

Going back still further, we view the 3rd column showing the trend over the last month or 30-days.

Here we find a high gain of 1967% and a low of 14%. When have you found gains like these in the Stock Market or any of the 'conventional', old markets?

These are the vibrant, energetic returns that belong to newly sprouting Industries. Will they all survive?

Undoubtedly not. But, there are fortunes to extract from them in the meantime. Gann did this with the new Automobile & Aviation Companies in his day.

And, here's the ego-buster; you don't have to like it, approve of it, embrace it or participate in it. IT'S STILL THE REALITY OF WHAT'S HAPPENING IN THE INVESTMENT WORLD TODAY!

In spite of this, some readers will protest that these aren't 'real' markets!

100-Billion Dollars?! REALLY??

LISTEN: Gains are Gains and why should one stay rooted into a fading, outmoded investment field with low-returns, when a new, vibrant, exciting and high-return investment field is open for business?

Not 'real' markets? There have been many, many Multi-millionaires already made in these 'un-real' markets and there will be many more made for those bold enough to explore this 'new' investment field.

What's happening today (almost secretly), is what will later be admired as 'the good old days of crypto-currency trading'. Many in the future will wish they started now when they could have become incredibly wealthy too!

My Mission is to provide investors and traders with lasting, effective trading methods THAT WILL WORK IN ANY MARKETS, whether conventional or pioneering markets. It matters not, once you learn the hidden laws of mathematics and Nature!

I can point you in the direction of where great gains are being made NOW, but, I can't make you take advantage of them. That's up to you. You must take action in order to seize the incredible profits that are always offered at the early stages of new technologies.

Make Yourself Ready! Learn the Skills and then apply them to the most profitable of markets. Take Action.

Nature Only Respects Action!

Request our Catalog of Proprietary Trading Techniques & Methods and take advantage of the 'Summer School' Special Offers which will be offered only a little while longer.

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