Regardless of Opinion: Never Fight The Trend . . .

From: George R. Harrison; St. Croix, US Virgin Islands, July 20, 2017

There May Be Sound 'Reasons' For A Stock Decline, But . . .

  If The Market Chooses To Continue UP . . . We'll Follow It!

The Market is a Great Academy which is willing to teach us it's Secrets IF we're willing to learn and submit to it's Reality instead of our own 'opinions' or preconceived ideas of what will happen.

The Stock Market has recently visited us with another chance to learn this Lesson.

I've noted lately that there are ample 'Signs' and Cycles indicating that the Market is top-heavy and that a top could be indicated once a certain price level is penetrated to the downside. More and more of these factors are coming into focus that indicate that we should be wary, especially at certain price points like what happened about 3-weeks ago.

PRICES, however, ARE REALITY, and, they just didn't continue below our warning levels.

Instead, prices regained strength and then broke above the previous High price and closed in a higher region entirely.

The Market Reality is STRENGTH, not weakness and, no amount of opinion or other factors can outweigh the reality of Price. WD Gann acknowledged this same Reality of Price and, we'd be wise to follow his lead and do the same.

We must bow to the Markets and what they're saying and no one else. It's our job to follow the Market's Trend and not dispute it or even wait for it to prove ourselves 'right'. We're to be surfers on the price waves and to do that well, we have to get in tune with the trend and ride it for all it's worth.

We don't abandon all reason, however. Instead, we continue to use our excellent price following techniques & methods in order to detect the next critical turn and to protect ourselves accordingly.

Eventually, we'll catch the 'BIG ONE'; the Major Move (there's always another 'Big One' coming regardless of the trend) and take the profit ride of our Lives. Until then, though, there'll be many, many profitable sub-moves that we can take full advantage of.

It just makes sense to prepare yourself for this eventuality by learning one of our powerful market trading methods so that you'll be able to respond and position yourself early when these market turns arrive.

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