Pace Yourself. No One Can Trade Around-the-Clock!

Profit Opportunity Is Spread Out

Every Region & Time Zone Has It's Trading Moments

By G.R. Harrison

There Were 2 Excellent Profit Opportunities At Different Times of the Day.

Pace Yourself! This is Another Rule of Success.

I've seen it too many times. Traders get caught up in the 'fever' of trading or the market action and lose track of just how long they've been glued to their computer screens or phones.

When one gets caught in this 'trap', there's the danger that one's health and, certainly, one's mental focus will be compromised.
The 'fear' is FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), of the big move of the day, which just may be just after your local day is over.
Of course this will sometimes be true, for that day, but, exciting, (and profitable), price trends develop overnight as well as during the daylight trading hours in major markets.

Instead of looking at a 24-hour market (like Gold, Crude Oil, the S&P500, etc.), as a continuum of trading activity, plot out a 4, 6 or even an 8-hour block of time that is natural to the waking-sleeping cycle of your region of the world, and, look for your opportunities within that time block.

Take note of the Crude Oil chart above.

There were two big trading opportunities. One took place in the daylight hours of trading and the other occurred during the night session of trading.

The point is that Opportunity is not clock-bound or region-bound either. Every area of the World gets it's turn at the wheel. This is where the Virtue of Patience comes into play in both Trading and Life.

The Race Doesn't Always Go To The Swiftest!

Recall the children's tale about the race between the Tortoise and the Hare. The Lesson conveyed is meant for Adults as well as wise Children.

Being Faster or Busier, (think trading around the clock), doesn't guarantee success at all and, can often lead to the opposite result: Losing in the Markets and in Life.

Give it some strong consideration and plan out a time block that's compatible with your working day, conscious hours. You can make this work for you. 

Remember: Even modest levels of success in trading are enormous when compared with any average employment, so, a 'slow and steady', 'tortoise and hare' approach can still allow you to reach your goals without wearing yourself out in the process. - George

Pace Yourself and remain Healthy & Happy. - George

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