Short the China Stock Market . . . BEFORE the Crash!



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NEW UPDATE: 8/9/15

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NEW UPDATE: 8/9/15

Back on June 22nd, we warned that the Bubble in the China 25 Stock Index was popping and, this, well BEFORE THE CRASH.

Note when the Chinese stock market was first noted to be weakening internally as shown by the blue circle on the chart below which was first published on June 22nd of this year:

FXI_1This was a very early warning, (as is our custom) that gave ample opportunity to get in position with Puts in the FXI and wait for the next move to happen.

Well, it did in a big way with the incredible crash of Chinese stocks across the board on both the Mainland and Hong Kong markets.

It only takes a few good calls like these to make a very comfortable living and we do this routinely as the market conditions allow.

Yet, recently, the news has shown that one major fund manager lost $500-million in the commodity markets for his clients.

Meanwhile, our Crude Oil super-profit opportunity trade (and many others)  have been posted and updated on record on this website. We clearly saw (and see) what that, (and most other) fund managers could and will not; the Big Market Picture. The True Market Picture.

Another example in the last few weeks revealed that the Swiss National Bank bought over 500,000 shares of Apple computer stock at the top of the market just before the severe 10% drop. Clearly, even the largest of traders and banks need a better way of analyzing markets; because what they’re doing isn’t working!

How are we able to do what so many, even super-large traders, are not?

The short answer is that we’ve spent over 45-years developing unique indicators to identify market turning points, natural stop prices and targeted price objectives.

This is founded on decades of experience, research, original market discoveries and unique applications in analyzing just what markets are up to at any particular time.

More important is How These Skills Can Serve Your Financial Goals & Needs.

Investing is all bottom-line, when everything is said and done. When you use our services or educational products, you’ll be locating the most profitable market opportunities and early, when there’s still plenty of profit to be made in them and before the crowds even become aware of them.

So, how did the above warning about the Chinese Stock Market Bubble popping turn out? Let’s view the chart . . .

FXI_2Early purchases of Puts of FXI would have positioned one comfortably for the collapse of prices to come.

In less than one-month’s time, a huge, leveraged profit would have been presented.

All this while the rest of the World was wringing it’s hands in despair wondering what to do.

It was too late at that point.

But, if you had been an owner of the Excalibur Trading Method and used that special approach to looking at this market, yours would have been a story much different from the millions without this special insight.

The Testimonials for Excalibur are all unsolicited and from excited and very satisfied students and clients from around the World.

There are even greater depths of understanding the Markets which lead to even better results. For example, in reference to the China 25 Index shown here, an even earlier SELL notice could have been discovered by those who had learned the techniques contained within the Harrison-Gann Trading Secrets Master Course.


The Excalibur Trading Method is priced appropriate to it’s great value and, will not be for everyone. 

If you’re not willing to let others control your financial destiny any longer . . .

. . . then, The EXCALIBUR TRADING METHOD, is clearly meant for you.

If this best describes your intentions, then, you’re most welcome to learn some of these amazing techniques for yourself. 

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