‘Stairway’ BitCoin Gains of 25% . . .

     Don't Play Market Favorites', Go Where The Gains Are!

    BitCoin has offered many opportunities for gains . . .

The most recent gains in just the last month were over 25% in Bitcoin.

By George R. Harrison

Human Beings are creatures of habit. Investors are no different.

However, the only habits that a successful trader should hang onto are those associated with correct money management, risk control and their successful, trading techniques.

When it comes to 'where' we make our gains or what market they're in, we should be as flexible as a leaf on a tree going along with whatever the direction of the prevailing wind dictates (going with the trend).

Yes, we may favor the forex, commodity or stock market out of familiarity, but, this shouldn't blind us to opportunities which present themselves elsewhere. No matter how new or unfamiliar they may be.

Bitcoin is one such market. Most have ignored it intentionally, because it's so new, but, those who were the boldest came into this market a few years back and many have built fortunes on this purposely overlooked market. Why shouldn't you be one?

What matters most is liquidity, price charts and good techniques like the Stairway, Excalibur or MBP Trading Methods which we carry on this website.

Bitcoin certainly has liquidity and great price charts available. As to the techniques described, these applied to the Bitcoin market have yielded incredible gains these last few years.

The Bottom Line is this: One needs to graduate and expand one's vision of what's possible out there. While waiting in a 'popular' market that's stagnant, there may be plenty of profit growth potential elsewhere; in another, less popular market. Some won't want to hear this, but, it's the Truth even so and, that's what's presented here; Truth.- George

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