​Stock Market Replay? . . .

​History often Repeats, as Mr. WD Gann often wrote.

W.D. Gann wrote: "In making my calculations on the Stock Market, or any future event, I get the past history and find out what cycle we are in . . .".

​There's something to Learn from the above chart . . .

​During emotional times like we're presently experiencing, it can be comforting to become aware that what the markets are doing, they've done before, and, not that long ago (last year) in the case of the S&P 500.

​Take some time and closely examine the above price chart. There are some important lessons to learn from it. What has gone before, will come again.

​In this case, it's the price levels, resistance and support levels you should be looking at. They've been conveniently high-lighted with circles and horizontal lines showing how often the Market Makers are targeting a specific area of price.

​The Professionals are a consistent crowd, they've just learned how to disguise what they do by surrounding their preferences with chaotic price moves so that others can't see them.

​BEHOLD! You now have an insider's view of the overall pattern of Market activity by the large trading interests.

Stay Calm and Observe History. Draw comfort from it as it shows you it's tendencies in the future will mirror much of it's recent past.

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