​WD Gann's 90-Year Cycle . . .

In August of 1929, the Stock Market hit it's highest High with declines that followed that continued for the next 3-years. That was 90-Years ago this month.

W.D. Gann wrote: "In making my calculations on the Stock Market, or any future event, I get the past history and find out what cycle we are in . . .".


Now, while it would be nice if history worked this precisely, there are a few factors that can skew the projected years slightly. In this case by up to 1-year, so, this year or next, we should expect a reaction in the Stock Market that is the result of the Stock Market action all the way back in 1929.

This seems to be an illogical & strange concept, but, that's only because we have a mistaken idea of what the real nature of Time is. Time is not the motivating force for History, . . .something else is.


You'll note in Mr. Gann's first quote at the top of this article that, "In making my calculations on the Stock Market, or any future event, . . ."

​Our Research work​ has enabled us to duplicate this same process of predicting future EVENTS. That being the case, then, surely it is better to be both forewarned AND forearmed for what the future will shortly bring​?

We're at the conjunction of some interesting upcoming events in History, and, it would be better to become aware of them BEFORE THEY OCCUR, rather than afterwards!

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