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The Profit Gain Potential For Sugar Was . . . Sweet!

     Another Market No One Was Talking About; SUGAR . . .

27% Gain Potential On The Short Side Using 'Line Tamer Method!

This Chart is different. Observe the White Dot at the top of the price move.

I've shown the results of applying our new 'Line Tamer Trading Course' (available immediately online as a secure PDF) which is a very special Line Chart technique to a conventional candlestick price chart.

You'll note that the SELL trigger for a shift in trend to the downside came at a place on conventional charts (like the candlestick chart above), that makes no sense at all!

Further more, note that one could have been notified of the impending important change of price trend and short-side opportunity much, much earlier than other traders and, hence, at a lower potential risk point.

I've tried over the years to make the important point that to become a successful trader one must think differently from other traders and to distance themselves from what most traders do.

It's important NOT to do what average traders are doing.

While we've all be socially trained to 'fit in' with the 'group', when it comes to successful investing and being on target in finding unusual gains, we need to drop these social rules and become as independent as possible.

This is critical, and, from many decades of lonely research and dedication to the task (almost half-a-Century now), I've managed to discover fundamental laws by which the markets move and derive their behavior.

These are definitely laws that average traders aren't aware of and, that puts us in a very good place as independent traders and investors.

I've been presenting some this treasured material to a few traders seeking the Truth of the Markets over these past years (read the testimonials on the side panel, the tab at the top of this website and below to gauge how successful this secret project has performed.

In order to find unique and effective entry and exit points to the market, I'd like to suggest the use of one or more of our unique and client-proven trading courses.

The new 'Line Tamer' Course is great for beginners while 'Stairway', 'Excalibur' or 'MBP' continue to please and serve their owners well in every kind of market condition.

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