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Trading For A Living: SILVER

Real values and investment stability are a natural part of the Commodities markets.

We’ve taken a look at the profit potential in COTTON and CORN so far, and, all within the last few months alone. Today, we’ll see what has been available in the SILVER market.  Here again, there are ETFs (stocks) and their Options (stock options) that represent the SILVER Market and it’s price movements. Both can be traded for much less cost than the cost in pure futures contracts alone. We’re looking at a longer time period, but, still only 7 month’s time could have yielded an amazing income potentially.

Silver_Choices A BUY position taken at the signal given on the above chart, would have presented a potential $35,000 in profit PER CONTRACT (or $175,000 profit potential on a 5-lot position).

SilverETFThe next chart (above) is for the stock ETF which closely follows the Silver Market price moves. The stock symbol is (logically enough): ‘SLV’.

You’ll note the same increase in price trend and, the same BUY trigger point using ETHE XCALIBUR TRADING METHOD. Using Stock Options for ‘SILVER’ (symbol SLV), one could have had access to the potential to have made 1,400% gains within a seven-month time period for a much lower initial cost than with the futures only. As I stated in my previous post yesterday, this non-political and non-financial instrument approach of Commodity Trading when it comes to investing: HAPPENS MANY TIMES A YEAR IN MULTIPLE MARKETS! There’s plenty of potential for a good living to be made from these markets by those who have a solid trading method and Patience along the way.

The Commodity Markets can be a safer and more consistent investment area to profit from than the paper-backed financial markets.; However, there is a way to gain more security trading markets like Forex as well which we’ll discuss in the days ahead.

Just the previous 3 Market Examples showed potential gains of over $46,000 with single futures contracts alone. If one were trading 5-lots, over $230,000 would have been collected potentially from only three trades over the last 7-months total!

Equip yourself to be able to pick trading pivot points like those shown on the charts above. Use a rare trading method, virtually unknown to both the public or institutional traders that will take you where you want to go, and, not where they’d like to lead you.

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‘BUY’ the Light of the Silvery Moon . . .

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