The 2 Strongest Stock Markets . . .

To continue our examination of the prevailing deflationary environment that defines the markets today, we now turn to what's still 'working', i.e., what markets are the strongest in the group?

​For this answer, we have merely to consult our post from yesterday and find the chart of Equity & Bond Performance over the last year's time. We'll find only 2 Markets 'still standing' in a vast field of losers: The United States and Brazil.

​The chart for the US Stock Market (as represented by the Dow Jones Industrial Averages), is shown above.

The major uptrend that started back in the depths of 2009 is still in play. Although, we are in a weakened position at present, when looking at the Monthly chart for the market, we see clearly the uptrend is largely intact.

​This Market is still strong probably because of the economic reforms that have be instituted recently. Capitalism is still strong in the US, while the rest of the world is experiencing the inevitable bad harvests of socialism and burdensome regulations. This seems to be the common thread connecting two seemingly separate economies; that of the US and Brazil, where a new pro-capitalism president has taken office and where populism is also on the upswing.

The above chart for the Brazilian Stock Market shows how ​well Brazil has recovered from it's pull-back of the last few years. It's now well-positioned to launch even further ahead while everyone else's attentions are on other areas of the world and trade issues.

After all, since 2016, the Brazilian Bovespa has made gains of over 215%, this while most markets have accumulated Losses, not gains.

​Also, keep in mind the relative strengths of the different national economies. Globalism theories aside, there are really only two ​major drivers of the world's economies at present, the US and China. China, however, is in retreat at the moment as it deals with it's trade and banking issues.

When either of these two sneezes, the rest of the world is going to catch cold!

However, as entrepreneurs, investors and traders, we understand that opportunities for profit-taking shift locations from time-to-time, but, will always exist somewhere. Always!

We need to pull our perspectives back to take in the abundant opportunities that exist elsewhere in the World. ​

Also, To effectively do this it''s necessary for us to be equipped with the most effective trading techniques and Knowledge to be able to detect just where those profit targets of opportunity are. ​

​To be able to sort the 'wheat from the chaff'.  This is the very best time of the Year to pick up those skills & knowledge.

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