​Two More Strong Stock Markets . . .

​In my previous post and in my efforts to show how Deflation was acting globally, I overlooked several additional Markets that have displayed enviable strength this past year. Let's look at two of them now.

​​While most countries struggled through the last year only to come up with net losses, these two Stock Indexes made GAINS, Strong Gains: The​se are the Nikkei 225 Japanese Stock Market Index and the Russian MICEX Stock Index.

​The chart for the ​Nikkei 225 Stock Index is shown above. Healthy gains have been realized when looking at the long-term gains over several year's time.

The ​long-term (year-after-year) trend should be considered as any single year's returns won't be enough to break the longer-term trend.

The next Strong market of interest is one that's been made largely 'invisible' by the mainstream financial media (as it taints it's 'news' with a political slant that omits saying anything good about perceived competitors or 'enemies').​

​This is also an anti-competitive position as well, as, in the case of the Russian Stock Market Index (MICEX), they have a market that is vastly outperforming most of the World's Stock Markets at present. There's no Deflation evident in this Market as you can see in the chart below . . .

The above chart for the Russian Stock Market shows how ​well ​the Russian Economy is going despite what you read in the news or see on tv.

10% Gains truly stand out when compared with losses almost everywhere else this past year.

​Japan, along with the US make up a significant proportion of the world's GDP. Both Markets are Strong. This is Positive.

​Opportunities Abound. You Just Have To Be Able To Read The 'Signs'.

As entrepreneurs, investors and traders, we understand that opportunities for profit-taking shift locations from time-to-time, but, will always exist somewhere. Always! Here are two more markets which could have continued one's forward motion towards financial stability and accumulation. You need to be able to TIME the long-term position trades as well as the shorter-term ones. It's critical in order to keep losses and risks as low as possible.

​To reiterate, we need to pull our perspectives back to take in the abundant opportunities that exist elsewhere in the World, and then, act on the opportunities.

Also, To effectively do this, it's necessary for us to be equipped with the most Effective Trading Techniques and Knowledge to be able to detect just where those profit targets of opportunity are. ​

​To be able to sort the 'wheat from the chaff'.  This is the very best time of the Year to pick up those skills & knowledge.

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