The British Pound: Welcome Back to 2001

Markets Have Been Here Before: Traveling Back to 2001 . . .

News panic headlines aside, we've been at these price levels for the British Pound before, but, most people (unfortunately, traders included) have no sense of market history, so, the 'unknown' creates fear and even panic from the misunderstanding of the Times we're living through.

The chart above is unusual in that it dares to look back 20-Years to survey the 'big picture' of the price movement for the British Pound Sterling. When we do look at the History, we quickly see that we've been at these price levels before. On the chart this price area is shown by the green rectangle which is stretching from the year 2000 & 2001 when these prices were last visited. You'll note that they were also at these levels in 1996 as well, so, this is a familiar and comfortable price level for the British Pound.

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