The Euro Takes An Early Morning Dip

There was a currency opportunity presented with the EUR/USD this morning.

This particular SELLING Signal caught the following dip-to-come very early indeed. Early enough to catch the entire downswing ahead.

This presented a potential +45 pip profit opportunity within just a few hours time.

Profit Opportunity is what our Techniques provide, but,  YOU have to Take advantage of those opportunities. And, remember, they won't always stay in one market. ​

Technique is no Substitute for ACTION.

​Profit Opportunity likes to move around and spread itself out among several markets, so, always check several of the highest volume markets for early signals to upcoming changes in price trend movement.

The signals shown on these charts were obtained using the 'Intra-Day Solar Trader' Trading Technique. Contact me HERE for details on how to obtain this amazing technology for yourself. - George