Turning A Deaf Trading ‘Ear’ Towards The News & Politics

​While the rest of the trading world was in chaos and guessing about how the political situation was going to affect markets and prices . . .

​While traders almost everywhere were in doubt and holding back from the Markets . . .

T​raders who had access to the amazing Intraday Solar Trader trading method were positioning themselves to take advantage of a great​ profit opportunity ​to come.

​They wouldn't have to 'guess' either. And, most importantly, they would be able to avoid the confusion of the media and it's talking heads with as many opinions as the number of guests appearing on the set.

Instead, these select few traders could let the Market 'speak[ in it's own language and await the market itself to give the 'go' signal to SELL in this case at virtually the exact point of the overbought peak.

​The ability to stay clear of outside opinions of the markets is a hidden treasure that comes with learning to apply the 'Intra-day Solar Trader' Technique. It's a real asset plus to have independence from the very voices that create so much confusion to traders.

The signal shown on today's Crude Oil chart was obtained using the 'Intra-Day Solar Trader' Trading Technique. This technique 'dared' to give a conrtrary signal to SELL while the majority consensus was to buy this market. But, this method already sensed that the market had spent all it's energy from the price upsurge and was out of balance and prime for a fall and a shift in trend downwards. ​

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