​​Remains of the Day: The Opportunity Picture.

The E-mini S&P 500 (ESM19) Market gave us two great profit opportunities today starting early in the day.

NOTE: All charts are for illustrative purposes only. They show where trading signals would theoretically occur using a particular trading method. These are hypothetical trades only that show timing potential for each method for comparative purposes and are shown for their educational content only and not as advisories or recommendations.

The ​above chart shows the start of the day. The chart above this how this trade worked out and what followed in the course of the trading day.

Examine the price charts above (and those of our previous posts), without a specialized 'tool' like our 'Excalibur Prime' Technique of Analysis, just how are you going to find prime trading moments like those depicted on these price charts and in the markets you're trading today?

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