​Max Profit Potential: The End of a Trend.

​NOTE: All charts are for illustrative purposes only. They show where trading signals would theoretically occur using a particular trading method. These are hypothetical trades only that show timing potential for each method for comparative purposes and are shown for their educational content only and not as advisories or recommendations.

​The E-mini S&P 500 (ESM19) Market ​gave us a great potential trade signals ​yesterday & this morning.

​This brings up to the main concept of the importance of early trend detection: Profit Potential.

​A​ largely ignored reality of price movement is this fact: When Trend Shifts, this is often the very point of Maximum Profit Potential in the Minimum Amount of Time.

As Human Beings, we're always pitted against Time in everything that we set out to accomplish in Life. In the investment field, Time is always one of the prime factors in our calculations for Rate of Return.

After all, It critically matters whether we're making 3% per year or 3% per Day!

Contrary to what almost everyone thinks, Time is not linear. We give it the illusion of being linear because that's much more comforting to us. However, if we just use our experiences with the markets we can discern the Truth of just how different certain periods of Time are relative to others.

Prices may go sideways for Months on end, even Years. Suddenly, they spike upwards, and, within mere weeks, we find prices reached that were unthinkable for Months or Years on end. What happened?

Why was this new stretch of Time so different from the same Time period that preceded it?

Those are the deeper questions of Life and, well worth the time to ponder and investigate further. The Answers will take a while to extract from the mass of largely meaningless data we're presented with in today's world. ​

The mistaken Path of today's attempts at Science has introduced the (false) assumption that 'more' is better. More data, more Markets, more financial instruments, longer ('more') trading hours, etc..

Examine the bottom-line results though. Do a larger percentage ('more') of traders & investors succeed compared to the percentages generations ago? No.

I won't pursue this further beyond these clues to get you started. Instead, let's get back to the basic point being made about Trend Shifts presenting greater profit opportunities for us. It's a FACT, in a field of activity where there are few facts that are of use to us.

It won't take much observation to confirm for yourself the Truth of this statement. Study some price charts with this perspective in mind.

Once you've confirmed the veracity of this fact, you've narrowed down the only times that a prudent trader should be trading at all (if maximum profit for a minimum amount of Time spent is the goal!).

One should target the points of maximum leverage of Time. These are the very moments when PRICE TREND SHIFTS!

One should target the points of maximum leverage of Time. These are the very moments when PRICE TREND SHIFTS! To Trade these critical points in Time, one must have some special way of differentiating these moments from all others.

​That, my Friends is a Rare Skill Indeed! It always has been and, will remain so.

HOWEVER, YOU CAN ACQUIRE THIS SPECIAL SKILL: Catching turns off from Flash CrashesBlow-off Tops & even the many intra-day shifts in Trend  are all part of the 'Excalibur Prime' Trading Technique. This works incredibly well, and, is a skill-set that's well worth the price of the course all by itself!

Examine the price chart above (and those of our previous posts), without a specialized 'tool' like our 'Excalibur Prime' Technique of Analysis, just how are you going to find prime trading moments like those depicted on these price charts and in the markets you're trading today?

Recognize Opportunity When It Comes To Call On You.

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