The ‘Unimaginable’ Stock Event


(It’s NOT What You May Think!)


The drift of the media and news has been extremely negative for months now.

The attitude of the masses of investors has been bleak for at least that long, but, because, every one of the above mentioned are part OF the very markets they have formed opinions about, they’re unable to remove themselves enough from their front seat perspective of the markets to get the real skybox view of the totality of the Game that’s in play.

Extract out the Emotion of the news and then the short-term attention span that is prevalent in today’s generations and we can have a better sense of the ‘unexpected’ that is surely coming our way.

Short-term, we were treated this last week, yet again, to an Adrenalin-pumping, market-dropping and white-knuckled event. These type of price events were called a market panic in the ‘old’ days of the last century.

Panics were understood back then to be an inevitable part of a capitalist market; events that had to be dealt with every 6-8 years or so.

The last one was a big one back in 2007, about 8-years ago. But, this one, as of this date, doesn’t even compare in magnitude with 2007-2008!

However, if you were measuring by headlines and furrowed-brows, this one would seem much larger. This is, however, a well-orchestrated emotional slant to events and not what we should, in fact, be looking at, at all.

In fact, that’s the point I’m setting out to make here; that this latest market pull-down was NOT out of line with the expected pull-backs at this price level WHEN VIEWED ON A WEEKLY OR ESPECIALLY A MONTHLY TIME PERSPECTIVE.


Not yet, at any rate. Historically, it’s just too early to panic.

In fact, panic being an emotion, we should just go by facts and avoid joining the panicking crowd completely. We have better tools than they do to see what’s really going on out there and that will keep us from the abyss.

And, another point that has bothered me for some time now is that the vast majority of investors are expecting a new dark age of investing conditions. There’s just too many investors with this perspective for it ever to become true on the timetable they expect.

There would be no market or trading if everyone took the same side and, that’s what appeared to have happened here. Everyone seemed to want to SELL.

Well, not quite ‘Everyone’.

Just ask yourself, who would benefit from such a mass exodus from the markets?

The answer is: the Professionals who are shown on the charts here that have been following the consistent UPTREND and who happily BUY on the pullbacks.

It was the immaculate ‘They’, (the Warren Buffet-types of the World), who were, once again, BUYING after letting prices fall as far as possible first.

These were the very same pullbacks where the ‘public’ bailed out of their stocks and retirement plans in order to sell to the eager BUYERS (who are driving this stock market ever higher).

Djia1This is the ‘Unimaginable’ Strategy as it seems to be playing out today and which should not be ruled out:



Well, it’s just that sort of bold & ‘crazy’, counter-public scenario that provides the ‘best fit’ to the present atmosphere and facts. Too many are focused on the downside for it to be possible.

  • There’s NEVER been a major stock market crash that was expected by the majority of it’s participants.
  • The statistics of the Weekly and Monthly pullbacks don’t identify ANY anomalous pullback percentages.

Don’t misunderstand what I’m writing here. I’m not declaring that the market cannot go lower. Of course, it can, BUT, it cannot without first violating the second fact on our list (the pullback percentages) and other proprietary indicators that have been developed by this site’s owner.

A dropping market will have to reveal itself by violating certain fundamental indicators that are unknown by the public but which are mathematically fundamental. This has not happened as of yet, but, those facts will be monitored and reported to the members here when they’re detected.

YOU’VE NOW BEEN MADE AWARE OF THIS VIRTUALLY UNKNOWN PROFIT POSSIBILITY, IT’S TIME TO ACT ON IT (and prepare for many more such highly probable profitable events to come).


If you want to be able to follow this ‘event’ as it unfolds and become aware of still others as they emerge from the market ‘noise’, then consider acting today to take advantage of one of my most popularly successful and simple to apply private charting methods. I’m speaking ofThe Stairway Trading Method‘.


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  • August 29, 2015
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