Bitcoin: Is This a Crash or Just a Price Retracement?

Retracements Can Fool 'Ya . . .

So, far, this analysis has held. Note that our process expected a bottoming turn ABOVE the often expected 50% price re-tracement point of $32,000.

That's what's happened as of the date of this posting.

The Psychology of Investors and Speculators swing from one extreme of Optimism to Pessimism and onward towards Depression.

It's important to realize that . . .

Panics Have Cycles Too!

The makeup of Humanity at large and it's psychology and response to fear doesn't change. The Public reacts fearfully and immediately adopts a negative 'bias' towards the Market and the Future.

To combat getting caught up in this mass hysteria, It's important to KNOW where you are.

Determine What Kind of Market You're In . . .

. . . A Bull Market or a 'Bubble' Market'?

Don't be one of the many who 'miss the forest for the trees'.

I've written earlier that the Block Chain Economy is a paradigm-shifting event.

So, it may look like a Bubble and, at times, it may act like a Bubble, however, this new paradigm-shifting economic phenomena will be a constantly evolving and improving sector that will be missed by the Majority who will miss 'the Bull Market of the Ages' because they can only see 'Bubbles' and risk.

They'll be like the guy in the picture below, confident that they're seeing a Bubble, but, missing the Bull Market entirely . . .

By studying History, you can be sure that this will occur because: (most) 'People Don't Change" and, therefore, their reactions repeat over the long-term.

For those who would like to become aware of the 'replacement' Economy that's forming invisibly right under our noses, take a closer look at the ALT Coin Universe.

'The Blockchain' Will Win

I encourage you to take a deeper dive into this subject by watching some YouTube Videos and making some searches on the Internet. Yes, it's Work, and, Yes, it will pay off.

It's New. It's Fresh, and, it's full of early-adopter opportunities.

You'll find that within the Blockchain Universe, there are already more private, faster and more efficient alternatives to the 'old school' system that we grew up in.

Don't just hand over all these profit opportunities to the younger generations alone. The Future belongs to those who can adapt to Change.

These new ALT Tokens have already developed replacements for Brokerages, Banks, Money Transfers, Loan Sources, Privacy, Art, Music, Security and Currency and the list keeps growing larger and improving.

Once one becomes aware of the super-structure that's being built, it would be foolish to deny or ignore it.

However, some just don't want to know about change.

They don't want to 'Speak About It', 'See It' or, 'Hear About It' either.

I know if you're one of our Readers, that this certainly doesn't apply to you, but, it's good to know that this is the competition that we'll be dealing with. Meaning: This Field of Investment is Wide-Open to Massive Opportunity.

The opportunities lie beyond just trading too. Look into it to see if you can get involved and be at the starting point of the Next Industrial Revolution'.

The Block Chain's Time Has Come. - George


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