Pandemics 1918-20 and 2018-2020. The Powerful One-Hundred Year Cycle:

Care To See Just How Close The Match Is?

Not only does the Flu have a regular Annual event cycle, (except for last year, of course, when it miraculously disappeared for the first time in History! - think about it a bit. food for thought.), but, there are larger Cycles for Plagues (the old term for such disease waves) that follow both 100-Year and 1,000-Year Cycles as well.

Looking back on what we just went through, it follows almost perfectly the Spanish Flu Epidemic which occurred 100-Years prior.

That pandemic too was aggravated and made worse by the wearing of masks it was latter discovered, but, that precious and useful knowledge was 'lost' over the generations that followed so that Humanity could make the same stupid mistakes all over again without learning anything in the process it seems.

Responses Then Were 'Over-the-Top' Too

As you can see from some of the reprinted pictures of headlines of the time, those in authority lost no time enhancing their powers to bring Society under their thumbs by restricting actions and the freedoms of the populace in general.

The point of this article is not political. It's simply to point out that there are discernible cycles in Life and for Events that recur with an amazing degree of precision. W. D. Gann wrote of this in his courses as well and alluded to them in his novel 'The Tunnel Thru The Air'.

The makeup of Humanity at large and it's psychology and response to fear doesn't change. The Public reacts fearfully and the Leaders see how to both enhance and  take advantage of that reaction.

And, yes, we had the 'Karen' Crowd back then too, (see the picture below).

And, The Good News Is?


This latest manifestation of the biblical plague will pass into History as have all that have come before.

Much as the 'Fourth Turning' is now coming due, which is a Cycle of Societal Change, the best one can do is to prepare individually for what is coming so as to have one's Life disrupted the least amount possible.

Believe me, one person isn't going to hold back the tide of History and repetitive cycles alone. However, one can come through such times and actually come out of them better off than they were. How?

By studying History, becoming aware of the most important cycles to watch for and to be sure that they will come back again because 'People Don't Change".

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