The Blending of the Absurd With The Profitable

Crypto-Markets As A Source Of Accelerated Profitability

It's New. It's Absurd, So, Get Ready To Become Wealthy From It!


The 'Winds of Change' have blown in. You wouldn't think of trying to fight the wind, so, why do you fight the trading opportunities that are being presented in the Crypto Markets today?

Take a look at the DOGE coin market shown on the above chart. Gains of over 1,300% in a little over one month's time were presented as a possibility.

And, this is only one market. The truth is, significant gain possibilities are being presented every day in these crypto coin markets. Gains far greater than are offered in conventional, old-time markets like Stocks, Forex and even the Commodities.

Entrepreneurship Follows The Profit

Opportunity presents itself in different disguises in each era.

For this 'Fourth Turning' chaotic time, we're going to undergo a complete restructuring of the financial scene that we've been accustomed to these past decades.

Block chain technology will not go away. In fact, it's been steadily improving itself and creating better and better products within it's eco-system practically undetected by the masses of 'old-time' investors.

It's time to hand up our 'buggy whips' and follow the money trail which is fast becoming a highway instead of just a trail.

"Where is the really big money being made today?"

Answer that question honestly and you'll know what you should be doing.

The 'Old' System Won't Welcome This Change - It Never Does, But Progress Will Not Be Stopped!

Bureaucrats will always defend the system that they're a part of. Their decisions are not based on intelligence, just emotion and instructions 'from the top'.

This is not the time to bet on the old system to take care of you financially. That system is an old set of gates that are breaking down faster and faster like that shown in the picture above.

For the same effort as traders; for the same time spent, we can allow ourselves much greater opportunity of double and triple-digit gains by looking towards the block chain economy in the future.

It's A Matter Of Better Time Management

Too much is capable of happening in this World today when 'official' markets are still closed. As good as the 'old' system was, it's still not up to the demands of the world's populations to be able to trade when it's convenient for them to trade.

The Crypto Markets are true 24-7 Markets. No breaks for lunch. No waiting for the next set of Banks to start trading. These markets are ready at every moment to respond to demand and, likewise, are ready to provide many moments of profit opportunity throughout every day.

And, the Gains! The potential gains are incredible.

'Change is the Only Constant'.

Ever Wonder Why?

As I wrote in an earlier post, we don't have to like it, and, yes, it can seem absurd, but, we'd have to be willingly blind not to see, (if we looked seriously), where Billions upon Billions of $$ are now flowing from serious institutions. They're going straight into the Block Chain Markets, and, it's only the very beginning of this movement.

Money is moving like a tsunami from the fiat currencies and the old banking, stock and commodity systems into the Crypto field.

This is serious money and serious money is being made daily in this field.

I was once criticized for recommending these Markets years ago.

Those who took me seriously back then and got involved would be financially secure for Life today.

Back then I presented a simple, but, effective Trading Method to optimize trading within this Crypto-Sector of the New Private Digital Economy called 'The Bitcoin Market King' today, but, previously was titled 'The Line Tamer'..


The real advantage of our approach to developing trading systems is that we've based ALL of them upon Unchanging Mathematical Principles that work regardless of the economic period or the Market chosen.

All of our trading methods can be applied to the Crypto space & markets as to the 'old' markets of Stocks, Forex and Commodities.

Don't ignore this once in 4-Lifetimes Event!

As part of our adoption of this new technology, I'll now accept donations in Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and offer a special reduced donation level for those of our readers, clients or students who are willing to take this extra step to obtain access to our Courses. 

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has an extremely low transfer cost, (sometimes only a few cents!), and, is superior to regular Bitcoin these days, (innovations and improvements in speed and lowered cost are part of this new economy).

 I'll provide you with details on how you can obtain your Bitcoin Cash upon request. Until then, Keep the Big Picture of where we're headed in view at all times and prepare yourself to prosper from that Knowledge! - George


It's been my Privilege to offer our Clients & Students the Very Best of the Best when it comes to Private Proprietary Trading Techniques.

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