The New, Billionaire-building, Privacy-Enhanced, De-Centralized Economy Awaits You!

A Vast, Entirely New Virtual Economy Has Emerged.

Are You Ready To Become Wealthy From It?


I rejoin you this week after an extensive leave to further research and ferret out the meaning of our present Economic Chaos.

In order to find some frame of reference, I had to incorporate what WD Gann referred to as the 'Grand Cycles'. That is, to look backwards in order to put today's current events into some sort of context; to find the underlying rhythm to the political and economic 'music' being played at such loud volume today.

Fortunately, History Repeats. 

History Repeats

Why do I say fortunately, especially in light of all the chaos spreading worldwide today?

For this main reason; to become aware of how people respond to threatening environments. How previous generations have responded in the Past is a prelude to how they'll respond in this Generation as well. 

We can thus maneuver ourselves to a financial and physical advantage while there is still time to optimize such moves. 

I thought you'd enjoy this old print above dealing with the, (then), current Empire that was toppling, (the British Empire), but, you can substitute the flag of the current empires and, the story will be the same.

'Change is the only Constant' is a true statement about the Nature of this Realm we live in. It's best if we stay flexible in Mind and not be rooted to Habit. Change is happening NOW, not later. Plan your future accordingly.

A New, Freed, Re-organized Economy Has Come

This all started with Bitcoin, but, it'd be a huge mistake to brush this new beginning 'currency' off as an unsupported or 'Bubble' event. 

You see, it wasn't about 'Bitcoin', it was always about the concept of the 'Block chain'. That was the true revolutionary idea.

And, now, that idea has expanded and matured into an alternate universe that has been replacing every aspect of the fiat-currency based financial system until, now, it has real 'legs' beneath it all and it can stand on it's own and function separately from and in privacy completely outside of the government-approved and controlled 'system'.

There are now block chain specialty functions that offer security in documents, property rights, what used to be called 'banking', trading exchanges with thousands of alternative coins that trade with market caps all the way into Billions of $$$.

De-Centralization Is The New 'Gold Rush'

Every 90-Years or 4th Generation, there is an Upheaval of the Social and Political environment. Ours is inherited from the 1930's Depression and 'New Deal' Era.

In the 1930's, the entire US structure political (Socialism & Govt. Programs) and economic (i.e. Gold confiscation) was turned on it's head while the people suffered the effects of the Great Depression.

We're facing, (actually in the midst of), similarly seismic changes again today, 90-Years later. Right on Time. Ready or not.

Absolute Fortunes have been undeniably made in the new 'Block chain' markets. Billionaires and Millionaires are being made in these markets today.

Ever Wonder Why?

'Change is the Only Constant'.

The 'Old' Economy which we're all so comfortable with and which we all grew up with is fast fading from the scene being replaced by the new opportunities in the more private 'block chain' arena.

Emotions aside, we don't have to like it, but, we'd have to be willingly blind not to see, (if we looked seriously), where Billions upon Billions of $$ are now flowing from serious institutions. They're going straight into the Block Chain Markets, and, it's only the very beginning of this movement.

Money is moving like a tsunami from the fiat currencies and the old banking, stock and commodity systems into the Crypto field.

This is serious money and serious money is being made daily in this field.

I was once criticized for recommending these Markets years ago.

Those who took me seriously back then and got involved would be financially secure for Life today.

Back then I presented a Trading Method to optimize trading within this Crypto-Sector of the New Private Digital Economy.


That Course is called: 'The Bitcoin Market King' and this course showed this method applied to the entire History of prices for the major crypto-currencies of the time to prove it's effectiveness.

It remains just as effective a trading method approach today.

I will be reporting more and more on these markets here as the future economic shift is still just starting. The upward potential is massive.

These Markets will become even greater than reason alone could imagine as we're not dealing with 'Bubbles' here, (as the 'old-timers' think and like to tag onto the Crypto-space movement), we're dealing with the technology shift from 'Buggy Whips' to Automobiles.

Don't be like the guy in the carriage business shown below having a 'fire' sale on buggy whips, carriages, harnesses, etc.. He stayed with the old 'markets' and technology 'too long'. He was wiped out by the Automobile.

Do you really want to ignore this once in 4 Lifetimes Event?

I, for one, will no longer ignore this in my posts. I owe it to you my readers to tell you what the years have allowed me to see going forward.

As part of this expansion in 'Consciousness', I will now accept donations in Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and offer a special reduced donation level for those of our readers, clients or students who are willing to take this extra step to obtain access to our Courses. 

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has an extremely low transfer cost, (sometimes only a few cents!), and, is superior to regular Bitcoin these days, (innovations and improvements in speed and lowered cost are part of this new economy).

 I'll provide you with details on how you can obtain your Bitcoin Cash upon request. Until then, Keep the Big Picture of where we're headed in view at all times and prepare yourself to prosper from that Knowledge! - George


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