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A New Course Has Been Released. . .

This course is an updated extract from our Harrison-Gann Trade Secrets Master Course Series from Module #2.

These are the Essential Time Forecasting Techniques that I’ve discovered over the decades, and, which are included within this Special, Stand-alone Course.

Those who have not opted to take the Master Course as yet can now have access to the important Time Forecasting Formulas  included only in this exclusive course.

You’ll learn the Secret of how I was able to generate a chart    picking Stock Market turn years up to a Century into the  Future! You’ll also learn which years in the Past are directly influencing the Present or any other Year.

This Skill is also applied to the Daily Chart level of  Prediction as well.

The Formulas in this Course predicted every one of Turn Years in the Stock Market shown by the red circles!

What's more, in the Course, you'll see calculations that project turning years in the Stock Market that could have been predicted more than a Century into the Future!


To the left, you’ll see the exclusive contents within ‘The Laws of Time & Turns in Trend’.

Each Section within this Manual is guaranteed to be Unique and        eye-opening in it’s revelations, effects, and. accuracy.

This is another important publication in our new 'ForeCasters' Series.

Three Courses of the planned 4 are now available. All are Unique. All are related to the deeper study of TIME and how it underlies all the Markets, their Trends and Tops & Bottoms.

  • September 14, 2021

Upcoming Price Collapses ALWAYS Give Clues in Advance . . .

Events like those that happened to Bitcoin yesterday don't happen all that often, but, when they do, my-oh-my, what a delight to be on the right side of a collapsing market.

Over $5,500 USD profit potential from a single contract in this case!

When market moves like these occur it's a great time to realize that Markets give Clues about their future price trend direction.

This has been one of the primary focus points of my over Half-Century of Market Research; to become forewarned about impending price movements. That Quest has yielded great rewards & techniques.

When Time is Up, it's UP ,and, a Change in Trend WILL OCCUR!

If you're tired of being 'shocked & surprised' by Market Shifts, then, it's time to raise your Game to a higher level of Understanding of the Markets and how they are mathematically bound to behave.

I'd like to suggest that you apply to gain access to the very method used to determine the entry & exit points on the above Bitcoin chart; The 'Intra-Day Solar Trader' Method.

The Above Upcoming Trend Reversal Signal Was Found Using . . .

'The Intra-Day Solar Trader'

  • September 8, 2021

We’re Having An E-mail Link Problem

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So, please use this address: to contact us.

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I'm working on this fix as well as moving the hosting for the website in immediate days ahead.

ALSO: I'll be releasing some new courses and collection programs in the coming days, so, be sure that you have my email address, (, and drop me a line or request for donation levels and further information. Thanks for your patience. = George

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    • August 20, 2021

    The Trading Psychology of Low Price Areas

    Be Watchful That You Don't Fall Into The Trap of . . . 

     Emotional Expectations !!

    Expecting Still Lower Prices? . . .

    Uh, Oh . . .

    Prices Rebound From Lows. It's Their 'Normal' Behavior

    Why Do You Think That A Market Is Declining? 

    Was it something you Read? Something you Heard?

    Was it from other people's opinions or conclusions, and not your own?

    Or, is it because you've determined this trend from your own investigations and trading tools?

    Do You Think A Market Is Going Down Just Because It's Low?

    Well, the mathematics of prices dictate that you better think again!

    All Market up trends come from Lows not Highs!

    The Logic is irrefutable. Markets go sideways in price action around 85% of the time and, trend around 15% of the time.

    Half of that 15% trending will be a downwards trend according to the laws of Balance and Probability. The other half will be up trends.

    That means that if anyone is expecting a declining market just because prices are Low is betting on a future result with only a 7.5% probability of Happening!

    Or, to put it more bluntly, they'd be facing around 93% odds of losing!

    Got Your Attention Now, Do We?

    You've just seen the mathematical Truth. Why in the World, then, do almost all traders expect lower prices from already low prices?

    The above charts illustrate this most common of price formations. Lows are made which seem to be going even lower, however, that's never the way to bet.

    It takes some very special indicators, (like our course provide), to distinguish a continuing trend from markets about to make another bottom.

    Our minds play heavily into our trend assessments as well.

    It's purely psychological pre-programming plus a little of our natural instinct to project a linear result going forward from our recent experiences.

    Translation? We expect what we've seen in the recent past to continue on wards into the future.

    While such instincts in the Natural World help us to survive, these instincts in the Market World work against us almost all the time.

    Are you able to distinguish a trend that's continuing from an upcoming turn in trend?

    Do you want to be able to?

    If you're truly ready to KNOW instead of Guess and would like a Catalog of the private techniques that can bring you to that state of Awareness, e-mail me HERE. - George 


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