Copper: The ‘Other’ Investment Metal Play

Unlike Gold, Copper Has Been Moving Upwards In Price!

By G.R. Harrison

Just like our Tortoise & Hare story a few posts back . . .

Copper has been largely ignored by the public investor as it slowly edged it's way upwards in price. You'd think someone would have noticed a strong, upwards price trend that has been going on for almsot a Year!

To be fair to the public, they've had some distractions, (think 'pandemic' and all the spin-off problems that produced), that started almost the exact same time as the Copper swing in trend.

If one wished to wax conspiratorial for just a moment, you could wonder about the timng as China is one of, if not the, largest holder of copper inventory and they 'recovered' first from the pandemic, at least as far as their industry goes.

They were ideally positioned to profit from this new uptrend, (if they were not the prime cause of it), and, profit they have.

There are many who have set out to purchase and store Copper rounds or copper ingots to take advantage of their increasing value.

Copper is certainly much more affordable than Gold or Silver and is worth consideration especially as we launch into inflationary times. - George

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