US Dollar Rises. While Other Major Currencies Failing

Reports of the Demise of the Dollar Are Premature!

By G.R. Harrison


Sometimes we need to broaden our view in order to take in the important elements of a picture.

In the case of the Global Economy, this is certainly the case as we can no longer trust figures or statements issues by governments, well, anywhere, these days, we just have to ferret out the facts for ourselves to get to the answers we need.

We're presently witnessing the early stages of a currency 'meltdown' when it comes to Non-US fiat currencies.

It's really amazing. I'm still reading & hearing statements talking down the US Dollar. All this talk about the US Dollar being replaced certainly isn't being born out by the facts displayed on the price charts.

Meanwhile, while the media's lying lips are still moving, so, is the US Dollars true value, and,  . . . Upwards, not downwards.

Why is the public being mis-informed?

Well, I think the simple answer is a political one. No country wants to take the blame for the mis-management of their own economy. Blame that is well-deserved in all cases. Pointing the finger in any other direction for 'blame' is the much preferred and practiced political 'solution'.

The problem with this type of thinking is that the 'Truth' of a situation is never released to the public at large so that they could prepare for the consequences of such poor management. That would benefit too many people and dis-empower the political folks, so, that approach is 'off the table'.

So, let's take the Bull by the horns and make some responsible determinations of our own based on what we see happening in the currency charts above.

Declining prices indicate a massive shift in currencies is taking place.

Why? Because large numbers of people or institutions are SELLING these currencies. That's what's driving their prices down.

Clearly then, money is in motion and the money flow is likely to be into other assets that are NOT priced in the local fiat currency system.

Perhaps, this encompasses the movement from fiat currencies into other asset classes like Cryptocurrencies, Art, Real Estate, Collectibles. Orny other asset class that will better hold it's value in the face of the oncoming wave of inflation that is already here but will be growing ever greater in the months and years ahead.

This takes us back to a basic Principle written about by this Author many times over the years on this website: Test out theories for yourself. Don't take someone else's word for things whether in markets and any other aspect of Life.

You are ultimately Responsible for your decisions, so, you should strive to make them the best decisions based on rock-solid FACTS and not opinion.

One must exercise discipline and the same rationale in their own trading to stay focused on Success. A Powerful Trading Method alone will not do it alone, but, a sense of History will help us greatly to put markets and their potentials into proper perspective.

Now that you have taken a glimpse 'behind the curtain' and know not only the REAL Trend in the currencies but also the REASON behind those Trends, how are you going to put that Knowledge to work for both your Financial Survival and for expanding your financial wealth?

I encourage you to act on absorbing & implementing the Rules of Trading we've presented in our prior blog posts. Control your Emotions!

Remember: The real 'Magic' lies within yourself and your strength to NOT do the things that come so easy to do (like acting emotionally).                    

Best wishes for your trading success, and, if you're interested in gaining access to one of the methods mentioned in this post or elsewhere on this website . . .                

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