Buying & Holding Is Not A Complete (or Safe), Investment Strategy!

​There Are Plenty Of Trending Markets, So Be Prepared

By G.R. Harrison


​It’s been so easy to invest and profit lately. At least that’s the general consensus.

​However, as in most cases, the common opinion is in error.

​Today’s lesson revolves around the myth of ‘Buy and Hold’.

​This particular philosophy of ‘buy and hold’, is an addictive and, seemingly, correct response to getting into a strong price trend going in the ‘right’ direction and one that’s accumulating profits almost daily.

​this is exactly the position many millions of investors are finding themselves in during our current segment of the “bullish’ trends that are prevalent in so many markets these days.

​So, what’s wrong with this approach?

Well, ​nothing as far as it goes, but, there’s an important part missing from this approach that MUST BE INCLUDED or it will lead to financial disaster.

​The missing part I’m referring to is the ‘Exit Plan’ or a method for monitoring and determining when the price trend joyride is over.

​I’ve seen this personally many times over the last 50-Years..

​Prices rise. Profits accumulate. Investors double-down and increase their investment getting heavier and heavier without realizing how vulnerable this makes them to a reversal in price trend.

​But, as a general observation, the longer a trend is in progress, the steeper and faster the price retracement or fall from highs will be.

​Observe the charts below for some examples from 1929, 1987 and 2008.

​History shows that in all these market crashes and all the others not shown, that the average investor just hung on hoping with each following day that the market would come back and resume it’s upward, money-making trend.

​They never did. ​At least not before sucking all the profits back out of the trade and then, after most had staggered away from the markets, continuing back upwards again. This process often taking Years more however.

Problems are common. Solutions Are Rare.​

This website however, is about providing Solutions to the problems that come with trading.

This includes our private specific methods for following strongly trending markets like we discussed above.

​Our private, proprietary methods like ‘The Levitas Principle’, ‘The Market King’ or ‘The Stairway Trading Method’ will all perform excellently at this task.

This ​powerful list ​includes our private specific methods for following strongly trending markets like we discussed above.

I​ don’t apologize for presenting to our visitors here Master Solutions in the form of our private trading methods and techniques.

None of our Courses are duplicated ​or offered elsewhere. ​              

None of them are computerized or provided in a public library of trading ‘indicators’, (which Institutions trade against daily).                

None of them ​ever will be. This is the ONLY place on Earth where you can gain access to this accumulated trading wisdom that is built upon fundamental laws and unrecognized market principles.               

​If you’re interested in gaining access to one of the methods mentioned in this post or elsewhere on this website. I look forward to hearing from you soon. – George                

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