To Trade Successfully:
  • Don’t Let The ‘Outside’ In!

  • Don't Let 'Outside', Worldly Issues Affect Your Trading


    Trading got you stressed out, depressed or worried?

    The odds are that these very stressful states are coming, not from the Markets themselves, but, from 'outside' events which have crept in to trigger these states as an 'effect'. They, themselves, are not the Cause all by themselves.

    If You Have A Solid Trading Approach, but, are worried about finances before you trade, then, that will affect your trading responses and could possibly create a loss where a winning trade could have been possible.

    If you are desperate for a particular result from your trade; If you are angry; if you are tired and haven't slept properly or, if you're a little 'blue' or depressed, these emotions will bleed over into your trading and influence (negatively), you trading results.

    So, you see, separate from the 28 Rules for Traders that I published a few weeks ago, as a list of parameters on how to conduct the physical aspects of each trade, we also have to protect our Minds from any 'outside' emotions or feelings that are currently taking place in our World.

    Meditate Before Trading?

    Well,meditation is statistically proven to lower stress and it's after effects.

    It turns out that this is exactly what we need as traders going into the fray of battle each day.

    So, it wouldn't be amiss to suggest a simple 'calming down' exercise prior to entering the 'trading mindset'.

    It can't hurt and, could certainly help Health wise and in your bottom line.

    Protect Your Mind & Don't Carry Outside Worries Into Your Trading

    One of the crucial steps is to 'cover' the trading arena using a reliable, dependable and proven trading method.

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