E-mini Monday Trading Opportunities

Successful Trading Requires Both A Great System And The Patience To Wait For Your Entries & Exits.

The fact is that profit opportunity abounds daily.

The hard thing to accept is that fear keeps us from harvesting these fields of prosperity.

This is not a pitch for any particular method or system that we have in our collection. You can find them listed under the tabs at the top of this webpage easy enough and I've mentioned them for years.

Instead, this is a straight-forward presentation to suggest that you look past your fears and, even your ambitions to see the truth of what I've stated above; that, profit opportunity, even, great profit opportunities are regularly presented to the disciplined trader.

My mission here is to help you to focus on the positive side of trading and it's potential.

Successful Trading is at once among the simplest of concepts and at the same time is the hardest occupation because one must master themselves to follow those simple concepts without hesitation and following through with one's Plan.

Each trader's fears and ambitions (greed) can blind one to both the opportunities and the dangers that are shown on our price charts. Knowledge and Confidence in that Knowledge, along with adequate funding, are the keys to overcome this hesitation and blindness. Best New Year Wishes: George