Global Stock Markets Poised For Large Move This Week!

There's some pretty strong, but almost unknown (except by our Course Methods), evidence that the Global Stock Markets are poised for a large scale price move this coming week.

Our Market Maker's Trigger Technique, for instance, noted that US and European Stock Markets are both poised for a large scale price move on a Daily basis that will likely show itself this coming week.

It would be hard to determine what kind of events will cause this, and, it's hardly necessary for us as traders to speculate on it as there are so many to choose from these days, but, let's just say that there are technical factors that indicate that this particular price move is already 'baked into the cake'; it's already a done deal.

While the Daily Trend has been up for the Stock Market in general, we've reached an expected peak area where a re-adjustment to the downside can easily occur. This would be my first expectation.

However, one should also watch for a sudden breakout to an even higher price level.

What we're pointing out here is that, whichever direction prices breakout or drop to, the price bar ranges are likely to be large, meaning, good potential profit opportunities in a limited period of time.

Let's be aware and watch for breakouts above previous Highs or price drops below the Lows of the past week and use them initially to indicate the coming direction for the large anticipated price move ahead.

'Wise Trading = Successful Trading.' George

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